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Eritrean refugees job Success
The municipality of Frederikshavn has got a lot of refugees in work.

Frederikshavn Municipality and companies intensify efforts to attract the workforce companies are looking for. The goal is for more settlers to settle in Frederikshavn Municipality
The dilemma is known all over the country, the building boom does not necessarily take place where the available craftsmen are. One region lacks highly educated, another has a large number of unemployed academics. In the municipality of Frederikshavn, many companies find that they are challenged by the need for the highly skilled labor to be provided from the outside. Therefore, in cooperation with the companies, Frederikshavn Municipality will now make a determined effort to attract, for example, engineers to get the equation up:

“Many municipalities in these years experience the move pattern towards the major cities. Therefore, a majority in the City Council decided on the budget for 2017 that, as a political ambition, we would say “We offer Welcome”. And we will do that with citizens and companies. We are all ambassadors and are obliged to tell about Frederikshavn Municipality’s growth and opportunities wherever we come. And we will move on. We are prepared with a number of concrete measures. We need the industry to participate in efforts to raise awareness of, for example, the many career opportunities found in companies. At the same time, the municipality will be ready to assist in settlements, childcare and partner jobs to welcome welcome people, “says Birgit S. Hansen, mayor, Frederikshavn Municipality.

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