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Milan, Eritrean asylum seeker took his own life


Milan, Eritrean asylum seeker took his own life by jumping from a window of the refugee center in via Aldini.

Ivan French – Mon, 01/30/2017 – 09:39

Another suicide of a refugee shakes Italy. Yesterday afternoon an Eritrean man thirty years old took his own life in a reception center in Milan.

Mussie – the name of the asylum seeker – the applicant was staying in the hotel via Aldini twelve months, where he was waiting to receive documents with the decision of the Territorial Commission for asylum applications on his case.

The property’s staff – which is managed by the cooperative Arca – immediately alerted the rescue, but the men of the 118 now realized they could not help but note the Eritrean death.

It is unfortunately the only case of its kind in recent months. Last week in Venice an African immigrant is the throwing life was taken away in the Grand Canal, but also in the same Milan in December a native Angolan asylum seeker had hanged himself in the bathroom of the reception center in Via Fratelli Zoia.

Another tragedy from the very similar dynamic to that of yesterday afternoon.

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