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Eritrean Airlines now flies to Nigeria


Air: Eritrean Airlines now flies to Nigeria

Pelagie TOUKO / Writing
Since Wednesday, May 1, 2019, the airline of Eritrea hovers in the Nigerian sky. Eritrea Airlines serves the state of Kano, one of Nigeria’s 36 federal states with three (3) flights per week.

B8350 took off at 12.45 from Asmara International Airport and landed at 4.30 pm at Kano Nigeria, after a one-hour stopover at Khartoum. On the return flight it was between the following route between 18 hours and 1 am

It should be noted, however, that Eritrea airlines will not be the only company to serve Kano from Khartoum. Indeed, Tarco Air, a company based in Sudan also makes frequent flights to northern Nigeria, although this service remains irregular.

Created in 1991, Eritrean Airlines, its capital is entirely owned by the country’s government. Since 2008, the company has stopped regular service and offered only a few haj flights each year. In 2011, Eritrea Airlines resumed its activities in a new direction, but a year later, it is banned to hover in the skies over Europe.

In July 2018, the fleet of Eritrean Airlines consists of a single Boeing 737-300 leased. But the company still has six Dorniers that would be stored in Eritrea. Eritrean Airlines also serves Addis Ababa, Cairo, Djibouti and Jeddah.