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Eritrea – Shingrwa Academy 2018 final

Eritrea – Shingrwa Academy 2018 final

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The fourth round 2017/2018 Shingrwa Academy contest finalized yesterday 29th December and was live broadcast on Eri-TV.
At the fourth round Shingrwa contest conducted nationwide, a total of 660 contestants participated in three categories namely, singing, dancing and musical instrument.
At the ceremony conducted in Cinema Roma in the presence of Government officials and invited guests, Mr. Asmelash Abraha, Director General of Eri-TV stated that the fourth round Shingrwa contest lasted for 18 months and witnessed highest number of contestants ever and extensive cultural diversity was reflected.
Mr. Barnabas Mebrahtu, one of the directors and judges of Shingrwa Academy on his part indicating that in the first stage of the contest there were 446 contestants in singing category, 144 on traditional dancing and 70 others on traditional musical instrument. Of these, 14 singers, 10 dancers, and 6 traditional musical instrument players reached the final 5th stage.
According to the verdict of the judges, Mr. Awet Teclemariam, the Traditional Dancing Group from Kunama Ethnic group, and Mr. Daniel Tesfamicael won the fourth round Shingrwa contest in the singing, dancing and traditional musical competition categories respectively.
Shingrwa, literally means “tomorrow’s star” in the Bilen language (one of Eritrea’s nine ethnic groups).