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Eritrea rejects categorically Amnesty report 2021

Eritrea rejects Amnesty report

Eritrea rejects categorically Amnesty report

Eritrea is outraged and categorically rejects the preposterous accusations levelled against it by Amnesty International in a fallacious report issued today. The report is largely based on testimonies of some 31 individuals from the Hamdayet Refugee camp in the Sudan.

It is known that many in this camp are members of TPLF militia’s who fled to Sudan after their involvement in the hideous massacre and ethnic cleansing of hundreds of civilians in Mai-Kadra in early November last year.

It must be underscored that Amnesty made absolutely no attempt to seek any information from Eritrea. Moreover, the fabricated Axum accusation has mutated over the last month from a “massacre of Orthodox Christians at St. Mary’s Church” to “house-to-house” killing of civilians.

The AI report is transparently unprofessional and it is evident that the AI makes no effort to get the facts right and cross-check the veracity of the allegations. Sadly, this is not the first time for the AI to level politically motivated, defamatory attacks against Eritrea.

Latest AmnestyEARO report on AxumMassacre.

“There is no license plate in Eritrea written with the word “Eritrea”, including for the military.


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For your reference, TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael claimed to have retaken Axum in a battle starting on November 29, as reported contemporaneously by al Jazeera:

On Sunday, a day after Abiy declared victory in the northern region, Tigray’s forces claimed they shot down a military plane and retook the town of Axum from federal forces.
Debretsion Gebremichael told Reuters his forces also captured the pilot of the military plane. There was no immediate comment from the government or the military.