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The International Joint Demonstrations by Eritreans and Ethiopians are historic and unprecedented ! 2021

The International Joint Demonstrations by Eritreans and Ethiopians are historic and unprecedented !

The International Joint Demonstrations by Eritreans and Ethiopians are historic and unprecedented !

By Dr. Tesfay Aradom

On these unprecedented and historic occasions , the Eritrean communities across the world are pleased to stand shoulder to shoulder with members of the Ethiopian communities to celebrate the total demise of the TPLF junta, a fascist and kleptocratic organization.

For the last 30 years it left no stone unturned to permanently destroy the political and social fabric of the Ethiopian people and render the country economically unviable. Similarly, this same murderous and deceptive force declared and waged an unprovoked war on the people of Eritrea under the false pretext of a border conflict. Despite the final and binding decision of the Eritrean Ethiopian Border Commission (EEBC) in April of 2002, the deceptive junta continued to occupy sovereign Eritrean territory in order to maintain a state of crisis between the two nations and secure its firm grip on the people of Ethiopia.

Its nefarious strategy was also meant to wreak havoc on the economic and social situation in Eritrea and bring about regime change. Additionally, it was meant to maintain a permanent state of tension between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

The expulsion of the Junta from Addis Abeba, which marked the beginning of its end,  was a product of the  protracted heroic struggle waged by the Ethiopian people and perseverance of the Eritrean Government to achieve sustainable peace between the two peoples.
So, on this solemn occasion of solidarity millions of Eritreans in concert with Ethiopians across the world, are demonstrating their determination to drive the last nail on its coffin ! We are also relishing a new dawn of peace and genuine cooperation to secure sustainable  economic progress and social justice for the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Needless to say, Eritreans and Ethiopians  are also united in the fight to expose the historic complicity of some nations in the West , their subservient NGOs and biased mainstream media in the cover up and denial  of TPLF’s crimes against humanity. The horrendous massacre of 1300 innocent civilians in Mai-Kadra in November of 2020 is only one example of the countless ethnicity based atrocities committed by the Junta. There have  been many more Mai-Kadras that it was able to get away with impunity because of  some Western nations’ collusion with the fascistic organization.

The frantic and concerted effort by some nations in the West, their subservient NGOs and the biased mainstream   to resuscitate an evil force reviled by the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia will remain to be an exercise  in futility. The West’s obsession to impose the same failed policies of the past is not only reckless but it will also strengthen the will of both peoples to protect their hard earned peace and stability.   On the contrary,  the West should accept the irreversibility  of  the new objective and subjective conditions and respect their genuine aspiration for a sustainable partnership in economic growth and social justice.