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E-cig blows up in Idaho man’s face, he loses 7 teeth


POCATELLO, IDAHO — A former vapist is warning others about the dangers of e-cigarettes after his vape pen blew up in his face.

Car salesman Andrew Hall suffered second-degree burns and lost seven teeth in the horrific incident.

The explosion happened on the weekend when Andrew was enjoying a few toots of electronic smoke while getting ready for work.

Andrew wrote on Facebook that he was vaping in his bathroom when his vape pen exploded. The blast was so powerful that it shattered his bathroom sink.

Posting from the hospital ICU ward, Andrew wrote that he’d been pulling chunks of plastic, teeth and foreign objects from his mouth, throat and lips.

Andrew said he had been vaping for about a year and had properly maintained the battery of his vape pen. He added that he’d never had an issue with overheating.

He said he wanted his experience to serve as a warning to others.