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Drowned in the first swimming lesson – mother was not allowed to come 2020

Drowned in the first swimming lesson

Young drowned in Netherlands during the first swimming lesson – mother was not allowed to come


Drowned in the first swimming lesson

What a terrible event in Netherland. It will only happen to you as a mother! A boy who recently lived in the Netherlands died tragically.

He drowned during his very first swimming lesson. His mother asked the school if she could come. She didn’t want to leave him alone because he couldn’t swim. The school refused. What his mother was afraid of happened: He drowned. 1 thing is certain. If his mother was with him, this would never have happened. Read the message for more information. Couldn’t the school have refused the mother?

Swimming pool in the Netherlands

Drowned in the first swimming lesson

RTL News wrote the following: Adonay (11) died in the first swimming lesson: “Shouldn’t have happened”. The boy who drowned Thursday afternoon in a swimming pool in Lemmer, Friesland, was 11-year-old Adonay Berhe from Eritrea. He only went to school for a week and died during his first swimming lesson.

Margé Hof-Noordmans started a donation campaign yesterday to support the relatives of the boy. The family wants to bury him in his country of origin, but money is needed for that. More than 22.000 euros has now been donated.

Just in the Netherlands
Adonay had only been in the Netherlands for a few months, says Hof-Noordmans. After more than three years, he was reunited last October with his mother, who had left Eritrea as a boat refugee. “She came ashore in Italy and ended up in the Netherlands. She became a status holder and was given a home in the village of Balk. “

Primary school
Only years later did she see her son again. “She picked up Adonay in Ethiopia, where he stayed with his grandmother all the time.” She then enrolled him at De Cocon primary school. “There she was immediately told that he also had to take swimming lessons.”

According to Hof-Noordmans, his mother was very concerned about school swimming. “She asked if she could come because Adonay could not swim and the language did not speak. But that was not allowed, even if she provided her own transportation. “

First swimming lesson
Thursday afternoon it went wrong during his first swimming lesson. Due to a still unknown cause, the boy was in the swimming pool for some time. Bystanders took him out of the water, after which he was resuscitated. But that didn’t help anymore.

swimming pool the Netherlands

According to Hof-Noordmans, the donation is not only meant to raise money, but also to draw attention to Adonay’s death. “This is a very sad story. Adonay had only just arrived in the Netherlands. This cannot simply be put under the carpet. “

Great sorrow
Mother’s grief is great, says Hof-Noordmans. “She knows she can’t get him back, but wants to be heard. This should not have happened.”

The official cause of death of the boy is not yet known. Research is still being done on this. The swimming pool and the school do not comment on the advice of the police. Victim support has been called in for them

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