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Denden School of Business graduates 462 students

Denden School of Business graduates 462 students

Asmara, 28 June 2019 – Denden School of Business has graduated 462 students including 333 females on 27 June in Book Keeping, Secretarial Science, Library Science and Material Management.

Indicating that the big resource of a country is its human capacity, Mr. Habtegiorgis Tedros, head of the school, said that investing in human development has doublefold advantage. Mr. Habtegiorigis went on to say that the graduates have received two years of theoretical and practical training.

Mr. Habtegiorgis also called on the graduates to live up to the expectations of the people and Government that provided them the opportunity.

Mr. Measho Gebretensae, head of follow up and ensuring quality education at the Ministry of Education, commenting on the effort being taken to ensure quality education called on the graduates to diligently serve the people that provided them the opportunity of education.

At the event, medals and certificate of recognition were handed over to outstanding students and teachers as well as to parents’ committee.

The representative of the graduates on his part expressed appreciation for the opportunity they were provided and expressed readiness to play due part in the nation building process.

Denden School of Business is graduating students for the 17th time.