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Controlling Africa with Western “Democracy” 


Controlling Africa with Western “Democracy” 
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The west uses “democracy”, as in elections, to control Africa. This 
has resulted in over half a century of murder and mayhem because all 
but one African country is a mixture of different ethnicity’s and 
nationalities with tribalism dominant in African societies. 

Elections mean tribal winners and tribal losers and no in between, or 
consensus based governance. This has been a recipe for disaster, as in 
tribal conflict, since the end of direct western colonial rule and the 
imposition of neocolonialism after WW2. 

Its called “divide and rule” and towards this end western style 
“democracy” has been a big hit in Africa as far as Pax Americana and 
its western minions are concerned. 

In more recent times “crisis management” has been the de facto policy, 
as in create a crisis (tribal conflict in the run up to an election) 
and then manage the crisis to better rape and pillage African 
resources. As long as the “native tribes” are killing each other the 
less chance of any sort of “united front against Imperialism” as in 
independent, nationalist African governments demanding a fair share of 
Africa’s wealth. 

Western “democracy” is all about controlling Africa for western 
benefit, something crucial to the ability of the western leaders 
maintaining the support of their population by being able to deliver 
the goods, economically speaking, in the form of higher standards of 
living. It is African blood that pays for the rich lifestyles of the 
western populace, and African blood that pays for social peace in 
western societies. 

The western elites don’t care if it is buy, rig or steal when it comes 
to African elections as long as “my bastards” win everything is 
copacetic. Election instigated tribal violence is so standard that 
when an election is fixed without an outbreak of murder and mayhem it 
comes to be a cause of wonderment in the western media. The very first 
thing Pax Americana and its vassals demand after any African crisis 
are “elections”. And sure enough, another crisis is brewing. 

Western “democracy” is really American “democracy” for the system used 
in Europe, and most of the rest of the world, originated in the United 
States of America. The amazing job of brainwashing that has been done 
to convince both Americans and their acolytes internationally is that 
somehow American Democracy was ever something progressive. 

The historical fact is that the war for independence by the British 
colonies in North America was a counterrevolution for the purpose of 
preserving slavery. That’s right, Washington, Jefferson et al were 
fighting for independence for the British colonies to preserve 
slavery, the most criminal, inhumane and barbaric crime against 
humanity the world has ever known, the enslavement of Africans in 
subhuman bondage. 

Thanks to cutting edge historians such as Dr. Gerald Horne, amongst 
others, there is indisputable historical evidence to convict the 
founding fathers of the USA of waging war to preserve slavery, which, 
with the help of the slave owning French aristocracy, succeeded in 
doing so for almost another century in the USA. 

Britain had outlawed slavery in the British Isles and Washington, 
Jefferson et al saw the handwriting on the wall, that their way of 
life based on the barbaric exploitation and degradation of Africans 
could only be preserved by independence from Britain. So they formed 
the Colonial Congress and carried out their counterrevolution with its 
goal to preserve their barbarism, for the system of slavery they 
enforced so viciously can hardly be considered civilization. 

The historical record of the form of barbarism practiced by the slave 
owning leadership of the newly independent USA is most powerfully 
exemplified by what is probably the only reliable first hand account 
of how that “Founder of American Democracy”, Thomas Jefferson treated 
“his” Africans. 

 “After dinner the master [Jefferson] and I went to see the slaves 
plant peas. Their bodies dirty brown rather than black, their dirty 
rags, their miserable, hideous half-nakedness, these haggard figures, 
this secretive anxious air, the hateful timorous looks, altogether 
seized me with an initial sentiment of terror and sadness that I ought 
to hide my face from. Their indolence in turning up the ground with 
the hoe was extreme. The master [Jefferson] took a whip to frighten 
them, and soon ensued a comic scene. Placed in the middle of the gang, 
he menaced, and turned far and wide [on all sides] turning around. 
Now, as he turned his face, one by one, the blacks changed attitude; 
those whom he looked at directly worked best, those whom he half saw 
worked least, and those he didn’t see at all, ceased working 
altogether; and if he made an about-face, the hoe was raised to view, 
but otherwise slept behind his back”. (Thanks to “The Many Headed 
Hydra…” for the previous quotation) 

This first hand account is from a founding member of the French 
“Society for Friendship with Blacks”, the first French antislavery 
organization. His name was Constantine Volney and he was the author of 
that African-Centered classic historical work, “Ruins; Or, Meditations 
on the Revolutions of Empires” in 1791. It is a fascinating account 
about his visit to Africa’s Nile Valley as a part of Napoleon’s 
scientific team before the last major desecration’s began. 

Being an honest, antiracist historian, Volney believed, based on what 
he saw with his own eyes in the Egyptian tombs and temples, that 
civilization began in Africa, on the banks of the Nile River. 

In his own words; “It was there that a people, since forgotten, 
discovered the elements of science and art, at a time when all other 
men were barbarous, and that a race, now regarded as the refuse of 
society, because their hair is wooly and their skin is dark, explored 
among the phenomena of nature, those civil and religious systems which 
have since held mankind in awe”. 

“Ruins” was one of the most widely read historical texts of the late 
18th and early 19th century. It was published in 6 languages in over 
15 editions. 

Volney was eventually driven from the USA by the forerunner of the 
Undesirable Aliens Act, passed by a slave owner Congress still having 
difficulties achieving a good nights sleep, haunted by dreams of the 
revolution in Haiti and the slaughter of their fellow slave owners by 
their erstwhile captives, Toussaint and his fellow Africans. 

Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Constitution of the United 
States of America which with its hypocrisy drenched words of “All men 
are created equal” is supposed to be the template for the governance 
of African societies? 

Its bad enough that whites and asians accept this falsehood but that 
it is essential that we in Africa must do so as well?. 

Any wonder why western “democracy” has brought about so much murder 
and mayhem in Africa? That a system that was created by a society that 
treated Africans so barbarically should only result in barbarism in 
Africa when forced upon the people here? 

It is more that a little ironic that the very structure used to govern 
the newly independent slavery dominated USA was plagiarized from the 
League of the Iroquois, the federation of American Indian nations 
whose grand council and democratic processes were adopted almost 
without change by the original author of what became the Constitution 
of the USA, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson’s mentor. 

Can you tell me of anyone, scholar or laymen in the USA, or its 
acolytes internationally, who know this fact, that the supposedly 
barbaric American Indians were the very people whose method of 
governance was adopted and distorted to become the basis of the system 
of governance known today as American “democracy”? 

The League of the Iroquois was composed of nation “states” which had 
jurisdiction over affairs of the “state” only. Each “state” had its 
own elected legislature, which, as in Franklin’s Constitution, chose a 
number of “electors” to the “federal” League of the Iroquois. These 
“electors” were accorded to each “state” based on the individual 
“states” population. The “electors” met regularly in the sacred hall 
for their deliberations. This “grand council” (the name Franklin used 
in the original draft of the Constitution for what came to be the 
Congress of the USA) was unicameral, as was Franklin’s original white 
settler “council”, later Congress, of the former British colonies. 

This Grand Council of the League of the Iroquois declared war and 
negotiated peace treaties, sent and received ambassadors, decided on 
the new members joining the League and in general acted as a “federal” 
government whose decisions superseded those of the “states” in affairs 
of the “nation”. 

As in Franklin’s Constitution, in the League of the Iroquois, the 
electors could not be serving in the military while holding office. In 
both cases an electorate chose the electors and could recall their 
choice at anytime. One of the main differences between the structures 
of the two “democracies” was that in the League of the Iroquois the 
electors were reserved for men but ELECTED BY THE WOMEN. That’s right, 
in the League of the Iroquois the women elected the leadership, 
something much more “democratic” than the actual minority of men who 
made up the electorate in the USA. 

The League of the Iroquois maintained a national state that stretched 
from New England to the Mississippi River that existed in conditions 
of internal peace for a thousand years or more. 

Africans, like the American Indians, traditionally practiced a more 
consensual form of democracy, not a winners and losers system of 
divide and rule. The introduction of American “democracy” was critical 
to the success of neo colonialism in Africa and it’s implementation is 
responsible for most of the conflict and destruction wracking Africa 

Western “democracy”, a system adopted by slave owners and redesigned 
to enable the preservation of a system of barbarism, maintained by 
force and violence, which has been forced on Africa, with this foreign 
infection subsequently proving to be critical in the continuing 
subjugation of the African continent by the western powers. 

It’s all about controlling Africa with western “democracy” and like 
Cuba in Latin America, there is only one country on the African 
continent that rejects this system of exploitation, the small climate 
disaster wracked nation of Eritrea. Here in Eritrea we prefer to build 
our own system of “democracy” based on a peoples liberation war of 30 
years and a culture of unity despite religious and ethnic differences 
that has withstood invasion, sanctions and climate disaster without 
faltering in our commitment to building a “Rich Eritrea without Rich 
Eritreans”, in other words Socialism. The west can have its so called 
“democracy” as far as we Eritreans are concerned. 

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and 
reporting from the country since 2006. His work can be seen on his 
facebook page at thomascmountain or he can best be reached at