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App – Contact tracing – 2020

Contact tracing app

Contact tracing app currently being used in over 7 countries.

By using Google API, Tracker App will track your location, and will send you a notification similar to this (with different radius) if you’ve came in contact with someone that tested positive, or has symptoms similar to the COVID-19 in the last 14 days.  It’s free of charge, and is currently being used in over 7 countries. Click the link in bio and sign up. Don’t forget to share with those you care about

Tracker: App developer Bruk Arefayne Habte

Tracker is a world-wide available application that tracks user’s locations and notifies them if they’ve been within a certain distance of someone that should be of any concern to them.

Tracker’s encrypted system allows users to feel comfortable while using the application and registering their status. That being said, it has the potential to save your life and of those many around the world, including those whom you truly care about. We recommend that you not just download it and give it a try, but we also recommend that you share it with everyone you come across. Just by doing that, you can be saving someone’s life.