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Colors of Phuket – traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

A shocking and bloody tradition. The Vegetarian Festival in Krabi, Thailand

Landing Phuket offers its guests amazing varied cultural program rich in festivals and celebrations. Bright ethic holidays and festivals are held almost every month there. The brightest show the tourists can take part in during Phuket visit is the Chinese new Year. The celebration takes place according the lunar calendar. The date of celebration falls within the period from the beginning of January to the middle of February. The bright fest is celebrated for two days featuring exciting parades, pyrotechnic shows, street artists and musician performances and various gastronomy events. One of the most exciting events of the ethnic holiday is a dragon dance. During the holiday tourists will have a chance to visit buzzing markets and sales. The most popular market places are located in close vicinity of the Vat-Chalong temple. The last decade of February offers another ethic holiday named Phuket old city being devoted to the city historical sites.
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Apart from buzzing celebrations the tourists and the city residents have a unique chance to visit ancient buildings which are commonly closed for visitors. Thai New Year (Songkran) is another exciting holiday being of great interest for many tourists from all over the world.

Commonly the date of the celebration falls within mid of April matching with another local holiday named the Water Festival which main feature is spilling the water. This exciting fest engages the local youth splashing water in the streets. The ritual symbolizes an act of purification before a new year starts