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China’s first coronavirus hospital OPENS – 2020


The Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Centre is the first dedicated coronavirus hospital to have opened in China. Workers and volunteers spent two days revamping an empty building

China’s first coronavirus hospital OPENS after workers and volunteers spend two days converting an empty building into a 1,000-bed medical centre

China‘s first coronavirus hospital has opened today in a city near Wuhan after workers and volunteers spent just two days converting an empty building to a 1,000-bed emergency facility.

The first batch of coronavirus patients were transferred to the Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Centre at around 10:30pm local time today, reported local media. 

The project was complete within 48 hours thanks to the joint effort of staff from construction firms, utility companies and paramilitary police officers, the city’s authority said.

The hospital building in the city’s Huangzhou District was originally built as a new branch of Huanggang Central Hospital and expected to open in May. 

On Friday, the local authority ordered the building, which was complete but empty, to be used for treating coronavirus patients only. 

Revamping works started from Saturday. 

By Monday, all of the beds had been set up by volunteers, and water, electricity and internet had also been installed, according to the government of Huanggang.

Footage released by China’s Cover News shows medical workers familiarising themselves with the facility today before the patients started to arrive.

More than 500 workers and a dozen heavy vehicles worked two days and nights in order to complete the task on time. 

Situated 75 kilometres (46.6 miles) south-west of Wuhan, Huanggang has a population of around 7.5 million and is one of the cities that have been hit by the coronavirus the hardest. 

It went into lockdown last Thursday, the same day as Wuhan.