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Can the Ethiopian Government Save Itself and Ethiopia Too?


Can the Ethiopian Government Save Itself and Ethiopia Too?

by Tedla WoldeYohannes Ph.d
[Postscript: I finished writing an article just hours before I heard the disturbing news about
the death of scores of people during the Irrecha festival in Bishoftu. My main motivation in writing
the article was to reach out to the Ethiopian government with a hope that the ideas in the article
might help to prevent a violent overthrow of the government which will surely have catastrophic
consequences. I had a little bit of hope when I was writing the piece below, but the Irrecha massacre
has almost extinguished that little hope that the regime might listen to its citizens if only to prevent
its own demise. I decided to still reach out to the regime through the piece below with the
remaining flickering and dying hope that right after the deadly aftermath of the Irrecha massacre
the regime might wake up to abort a potentially disastrous end of its time in power. The most
important question now is: Will the regime continuously refuse to seek a peaceful transition to the
next chapter in Ethiopian history or will it listen to its citizens, even once in 25 years!]

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