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Beggar owns property worth more than $185,000 and has access to around $23,000


Beggar owns property worth more than $185,000 and has access to around $23,000

By Lata Rani,
Patna: The wretched condition of beggars seeking alms often generates a feeling of compassion among passers-by, but a beggar in Bihar owns property worth more than $185,000. Apart from this, he also has around $23000 cash stashed in four banks.

The rag-to-riches story of a millionaire beggar identified as Pappu Kumar from Patna came to light when the police took him into custody for refusing to leave the Patna railway junction, which has been his permanent shelter for the past seven years.

During the course of his physical search, the police recovered four ATM cards from four banks — Bank of Baroda, Allahabad Bank, State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank. A further investigation revealed he had currently around $23,000 stored in these four banks.

The police officials were shocked to learn the story of a beggar who wanted to become an engineer, but later turned to begging owing to sheer quirk of fate.

32-year-old Kumar explained: “I passed my intermediate examination with 57 per cent marks and a major contributor to this was my mathematics subject where I obtained 72 marks, which was the maximum of all subjects. My dream was to pursue an engineering course. I was even trying for this, but, in the meantime, I met with a serious accident leaving me [partly] paralysed. I had no option but to turn to begging to eke out my living as my family almost disowned me after [the] accident.”

He said that he got a share of some 360 sqft of land after his father’s death, but he sold the property and invested the money in the real estate business. As of now, the beggar claims to own properties worth more than $178,000. He also has been lending money to people. Reports said the police advised him to use his money on his treatment and lead a happy life at home, but he did not show any interest. “Who will pay me money when I get physically fit?” a railway police force official Ghanshayam Meena quoted him as having said.

Police said he chased him away several times from the railway station because of the drive to keep the railway premises free from beggars, but he returned to the scene very soon.

“We found him operating four bank accounts where around $23,000 are stashed. He also owns properties. Still, we don’t know why he wants to be in the profession of begging.” remarked a railway police force inspector Rajesh Lal at the Patna junction.