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Arrest warrants issued for 40 TPLF former Defence and Police leaders 2020

Arrest warrants issued for 40 TPLF former Defence and Police leaders

Arrest warrants issued for 40 former Air Force, Defence and Police leaders

The Federal Police Commission (FPC) has issued arrest warrants against 40 senior Ethiopian Air Force, Defense and Police officials, including Maj. Gen. Tsadqan Gebretensay, who are suspected of treason and kidnapping members of the Defense and Federal Police.

In addition to the military leaders in various capacities who have been arrested in the past, forty (40) retired Ethiopians who have been investigated and masterminded the embarrassing abduction of members of the Defence Forces and the Federal Police have plotted to carry out attacks in the country. The commission said in a statement to ETV today that arrest warrants have been issued for the suspected leaders of the Air Force, the Defence Forces and the Federal Police.

The commission called on the people of the country, especially the peace-loving people of Tigray, the army, the police and the security agencies to play their part in the ongoing efforts to prosecute these members of the terrorist group.

The commandos and criminal investigation team that entered Mekelle town will monitor the results of its search and operation and make it available to the public through the media.

Former President of Mekele University, Prof. Kendia G. Hiwot Kumshsh, has been arrested in hiding.

Former President of Mekele University, Prof. Kendia G. Hiwo

The North Command’s top military officers were detained in a secret detention center on the campus of the University of Mekelle, which had previously been used for criminal purposes. Students at this campus have never heard of such a campus.

A medical professional who witnessed the arrest of the officers, who provided information to the government on the whereabouts of the high-ranking officers of the Northern Command, was released.

A few days after the start of the war, the medical doctor arrived in Addis Ababa from Mekele via Afar with the help of UNHCR and provided the information to the National Intelligence and Security Agency.

The place where the leaders of the terrorist group fled to Tembe is far from Mekelle. They tried to negotiate with the senior military officers who had left Mekelle, but their plans were thwarted by the vain wishes of our heroic sister.