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Public Announcement Ministry of Health 6

Public Announcement Ministry of Health 6

Public Announcement from the Ministry of Health 6

Three passengers that came to Eritrea prior to the ban on Flights, (enforced on March 25), were diagnosed positive for COVID-19 during tests carried out today.

Two of these are male while the age range of the patients is from 48 to 60. 

The total number of confirmed cases in the country has now reached 15.  All the patients are receiving necessary medical treatment.

Announcement Ministry of Health 6

Ministry of Health: Public Announcement No.6

The Government of Eritrea has been issuing guidelines periodically for controlling the spread of COVID-19.  The guidelines have not been implemented with the rigour and seriousness that they warrant.  Contrary to the guidelines on social distancing, the crowding that continues to occur in religious places of worship, and other social events as well as in service enterprises is extremely preoccupying.  At a time when the pandemic is spreading all over the world at an alarming rate and entailing huge loss of life, all guidelines must be respected fully by every citizen.  The relevant government bodies must also take appropriate deterrent action.

In this respect, the following measures are being taken in addition to those which were announced previously:

1.    Relevant government authorities will take punitive measures from tomorrow, 31st March 2020, on all citizens and institutions that violate the guidelines.

2.    Bars, restaurants, cafés and other service outlets that cater to sizeable clients will be closed for 14 days from 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, 31st March 2020.  All employees of these enterprises will not be laid off and their full salary for  the period in question will be borne by the employer.

3.    Essential enterprises, banks, pharmacies, groceries and outlets for other necessary consumer goods will remain open.

4.    Payment of electricity, water and telephone household bills will be postponed.

5.    All court sessions – at all levels – will be postponed until further notice.

6.    All Government bodies will issue and observe detailed guidelines to implement all measures taken to-date in their respective institutions. 

Ministry of Health
30 March 2020

Eritrea fighting COVID-19