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Al Beser provides Ophthalmology service


‘Al Beser’ provides Ophthalmology service
Barentu, 06 March 2017- In line with the existing mutual cooperation and exchange of experience between the ministries of health of the State of Eritrea and Sudan, ‘Al Beser’, International Group of Sudanese Ophthalmologists, has provided Ophthalmology service in the Gash Barka region.
Stating that the service was provided at Barentu regional referral hospital in collaboration with staff members of the Ophthalmology the Ministry of Health branch in the region, Mr. Alem Zekarias, head of the National Supervision and Control of Blindness, pointed out that the program is part and parcel of the ongoing efforts to control blindness in the country.
The program was carried out for the 5th time and has created an opportunity for exchanging professional experience amongst health experts of the two countries.
In the same vein, Mr. Habtu Tsegai, head of supervision and control of non-communicable diseases in the region, underlined the paramount importance of the program in controlling ophthalmologic diseases in general and blindness in particular.
Dr. Osama Sedig, Coordinator of ‘Al Beser’ Group of Sudanese Ophthalmologists indicated that the program is a vivid demonstration of the existing mutual relations between the two ministries and expressed appreciation for the progress Eritrea has registered in controlling blindness.