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Adulis: New Archaeological excavation – ERi-TV 2020

Adulis New Archaeological excavation

Adulis: New Archaeological excavation

Adulis: New Archaeological excavation confirms Adulis was not part of Axumite kingdom.

Important heritage being uncovered

Massawa, 14 February 2020- The important heritage being uncovered during the excavation activities at the ancient port city of Adulis are indicators for the over three thousand civilization in the area. The comment was made by the head of the Northern Red Sea region Museum, Mr. Yohannes Gebryesus.

According to Mr. Yohannes the excavation program is being conducted at over 40 hectares in sea shores of the ancient port city of Adulis.

Mr. Yohannes went on to say that the ancient buildings of worship, coins, graves and other heritage that were discovered attest that the ancient port city of Adulis was the center of trade, religious, cultural and diplomatic activities.
Indicating that currently excavation activity is being conducted in seven sites in Adulis, Mr. Yohannes said that so far ancient heritage ranging from 500 to 1000 years of age have been excavated.

Pointing out that the Elephant remains believed to be from 27 to 28 million years of age is contributing in the research to determine the origin of Elephants at global level, Mr. Yohannes said that in Buya human skull aged over one million years and human trace aged 800 thousand years have been found and the areas are getting interest by archeologists and other researchers.

Mr. Yohannes further said that the Northern Red Sea region is endowed with multiple ancient and historical sites that could have the potential in the development of tourism industry in the country.