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Abay Tsehaye: The Current Chief Administrator of TPLF Colony Called Ethiopia.


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By Abel Kebedom

Recently I listened to the interview the king of Tribalism and Current Chief Administrator of TPLF colony called Ethiopia, Abay Tsehaye, gave to the TPLF mouth piece of Aiga forum. If you are wondering as to who Abay Tsehaye is he was among the first would be TPLF leaders who were selected by EPLF and given military training in 1975 in Sahel Eritrea and sent back to Tigrai to establish TPLF. During the TPLF years he worked as TPLF propaganda chief that placed him as an immediate boss of the late western agent TPLF prime minister Melesse Zenawi. After TPLF controlled Ethiopia he has been serving as the Minister of Federal Affairs of Ethiopia. The field work of his ministry includes controlling the activities of all states (killils), police functions and Addis Ababa city administration on behalf of TPLF. His current position tells a lot about who is behind the gruesome killings and dirty things that are happening in today’s Ethiopia. By the way he is also the top administrator of the sugar corporation in Ethiopia. Now let’s see what these positions tell us about the king of Tribalism Abay Tsehaye.

1. Minister of Federal affairs.

If we assume for the moment that Ethiopia has a federal government, the TPLF king pin of Tribalism, Abay Tsehaye, is at the helm of controlling the so called federal states or kilils on behalf of the colonizer TPLF. In the name of federal government, he appoints Tigrian spies, cadres and agents to control these states. He facilitates land grab by TPLF agents in all the states, including Addis Ababa, which is the center of his office. Spearheaded by the TPLF owned Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigrai (EFFORT) he is the top facilitator of TPLF looting in Ethiopia. He controls the economic activity of all the states, identifies resources that need to be looted by TPLF to be exported via port Sudan. By the way the only state in Ethiopia that have the power to export coffee, Sesame, Leather and even cattle through port Sudan without the knowledge of the symbolic federal government in Ethiopia is Tigray Killil. He is also the one who is blocking any hearing about the Wolkaite question in the federal government and initiated the move to arrest those who are leaders of the movement.

2. Responsible for Police functions.

The king of tribalism is also responsible for the Tigrian dominated federal police including the notorious Agazi Army that recently killed nearly 700 Oromo children and women. He is the one who instigated the Oromo uprising by saying Addis Ababa city plan that allocates Oromo land to Tigrians and TPLF agents who are moving from Tigrai to Addis Ababa to help in controlling the colony would be implemented at any cost. He is also responsible for sending Tigrai Militia in the name of federal police to Gondar to arrest those who raised the question of Wolkaite identity. Overall he is responsible for the killings, rape and arrests of the Oromo, Amhara and Ogden people.

3. Responsible for the sugar corporation projects

A lot has been said about this in the media and I believe many people already know what has happened. The sugar corporation works with TPLF generals, including the illiterate king of corruption Samora Yonus, who are in charge of the Ethiopian Metals and Engineering corporation (METEC). For those who do not know this is a big scheme to Steal money borrowed for the projects from India by TPLF goons. First of all, everyone knows that METEC does not have the capacity to supply quality products to the sugar corporation project. The surprising part of it is, although everyone knows METEC does not have the capacity to do the job, it gets paid in advance. This is how the king of Tribalism Abay Tsehaye organizes the looting of Ethiopia by TPLF goons.

The above listed activities are few examples of the responsibilities of the Tribalist and chief administrator of the colony. His job in Ethiopia is to advance the interests of the minority TPLF regime and its agents. Spearheaded by the TPLF owned Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigrai (EFFORT) his main responsibility is to facilitate TPLF looting of Ethiopia and protect Tigran TPLF agents in the different states. As a testament to his mission in Ethiopia, while so many Oromo and Amhara women and children have been executed under his order, he was so concerned about the damage to the TPLF owned Selam Bus and few broken window classes of a couple of hotels in Gondar mainly owned by Tigrians. That is a clear indicator that the Tribalist Abay Tsehaye is the chief administrator of the TPLF colony of Ethiopia. His concern is about TPLF and Tigrian investments in Ethiopia not the people of Ethiopia. For Abay the Ethiopian people are the colonized with no rights at all. Hence when the king of tribalism and looters tells Ethiopians they should not divide themselves by tribe, it is an insult to intelligence.

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