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A WOMAN allegedly caught smuggling cocaine

in a fake rubber BABY BUMP has been arrested in Colombia.

Canadian Tabitha Ritchie, 28, was stopped as she tried to board a flight from
the capital Bogota when officials noticed her swollen belly was “unusually
cold and hard”.

Officers discovered a false belly made of latex taped to her abdomen.

It was designed to make her look heavily pregnant — and was stuffed with 2kg
(4.4lb) of cocaine.


Police colonel Esteban Arias said Ritchie, a social worker from Toronto,
arrived in the country.

She hid her face behind a scarf as she was paraded in front of cameras along
with the false tum and the packets of drugs.

Colombian officials say 874 foreigners are held in the South American
country’s jails, most on drugs charges.