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A tourist filmed the trick-gone-wrong last Sunday at a free crocodile show on the island of Ko Samui, Thailand.

You may or may have not seen this trick performed before. Basically, a zookeeper places their head inside the open mouth of a crocodile. It’s dangerous, it’s silly and, to be fair, it’s pretty cruel.

Obviously, when it comes to working with animals there are some risks involved. Even more so when you’ve got your head in a deadly reptile’s mouth.

This guy learned the hard way that nothing in this life is predictable. Although I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be a genius to work out what happened to this bloke…
Yup, the crocodile has had enough of being exploited to make a cheap buck at the expense of willing tourists. Maybe his mates are also laughing at him behind his back and he’s had a bad hair day. Either way, he’s not got time for being made the subject of mockery.

He clamps down in a fit of rage and thrashes the zookeeper from side to side in a blurry haze of pent-up aggression.The incident took place at a Thailand-based crocodile show on the tourist island of Ko Samui.During the ‘trick’, the zookeeper taunts the animal with sticks inside his mouth. He then pops his head inside for 10 seconds before the inevitable happens.
As the audience watch on, he screams and is thrashed around. The crocodile realised he’s been a bit OTT and slithers back into the water to think about what he just did.

According to the video description: “He was showing off previous wounds from Bangkok, including a missing finger from his last trick where an accident occurred.”

Bloody hell, mate. You’ve already lost a finger and you decide to shove your head in?! You’re asking for trouble there.

The show was performed in front of six people. I imagine those six people will never stick their heads in a croc’s mouth as a result of seeing this first-hand, so I’ll take that as a win for common sense.