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A condor has struck up an unusual friendship with a man who saved the huge creature’s life.

The man nursed the condor back to health after it reportedly fell from a nest as a baby.

And the condor clearly didn’t forget his rescuer, as video footage shows the pair greeting each other with hugs and one big warm embrace, after the condor returned.

After being rescued, the condor – the largest bird in North America – was then able to learn how to fly and return to normal life.

It is not unusual for the condor to fly back and visit its rescuer, and according to locals the bird is said to return to visit the man fairly frequently.

Animal lovers have hailed the condor on social media where the heartwarming clip has been viewed nearly 2,000 times.

Emma Johnson commented how the video made her day, before adding: “Great people do exist.”

And Roxanne Reeves said: “This warms my heart to see this for a change instead of animals being abused, this man truly has a kind heart and soul and the beautiful condor can see it.”