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A campaign launched to take control of Mekelle 2020

A campaign launched to take control of Mekelle

A campaign launched to take control of Mekelle

Helicopter distributed leaflet in Mekelle city for the second time in Amharic and Tigrinya languages.

The Ethiopian Air Force MG 23 and 29 jets have been hitting a number of targets in Mekelle since this morning.

Members of the Ethiopian Defence Forces (EDF), who have experience in urban warfare in Somalia and South Sudan and have been peacekeeping missions in the two cities for years, have arrived in the Tigray region to assist the Ethiopian Special Forces Command.

The Ethiopian army has launched a campaign to capture Mekelle.
The Ethiopian army has launched a military operation to seize Mekelle, the capital of Tigray State, according to sources in the town.

Heavy gunfire and explosions were heard around 4pm on Saturday, according to the BBC.

The Ethiopian Defence Forces (EDF) has taken control of several towns in the Tigray region in the past three weeks. The government announced that the third and final phase of the “law enforcement” campaign would be launched against TPLF leaders and forces in Mekelle.

A statement issued by the Ethiopian Defence Forces (EDF) yesterday said that the army has taken control of key towns and areas in Mekelle town and is making the necessary preparations around the town.

Reuters quoted a TPLF leader as saying that Ethiopian government forces had launched an offensive on Saturday to seize the region’s capital, Mekelle.

According to Reuters, TPLF chairman Debre Tsion Gebremichael told in a text message that “heavy gunfire” was taking place.

VIDEO: New mass graves have been discovered in Maikadra

Another appalling act of TPLF has been discovered in Tigray. Concrete facts depict that the renegade TPLF was using AdiMisno St Michael Church as a stockpile of weapons before it retreated to Mekele and the environs.

VIDEO: The extremist group TPLF uses churches as weapons depot and command post.

It is well known that the TPLF is using the church for political purposes. From birth to death, TPLF has ruined the history of the church, harassed and plundered its wealth, massacred and tortured its members, expelled the Orthodox from government power, raped the barren saints…the list goes on…….