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Smashed Saddam with hammer: Now he regrets


Smashed Saddam with hammer: Now he regrets
13 years ago he rejoiced and began to smash Saddam statue in Baghdad. Today he says: I wish Saddam Hussein would return


By: Thomas Harder Software Translation

Kadhim al-Jabouri became world famous when he Apr. 9, 2003 smashed the loose with a sledgehammer on a 12 meter high statue of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad. Photo: Jerome Daley / AP / AP)

– Saddam Husein had control of his country, and it had Gadaffi too.

– The latter got the Bedouin to agree and work together, and he prevented an exodus of refugees, like the one we see now.

– US and Europe has certainly been the blue-eyed and has only created an apocalypse without equal. The West should not try to impose on other countries a democracy, for it can never end in anything other than a chaos.

Dreaming of Saddam
To write Børge H of Politiken’s facebook page, commenting on a Reuters story about Kadhrim al-Jabouri, who smashed Saddam statue in central Baghdad in 2003 – but now lacks the dictatorship.

– I regret that I struck the statue.

– I wish, Saddam Hussein would return.

– He executed many in my family, but he is still better than the politicians and priests who got Iraq to where it is now, says Kadhim al-Jabouri Reuters and Børge H is not the only Politiken debater who agree :

Many could foresee the
– Yes, there were many from the West could have foreseen. West’s control can not be used in that part of the world, writes Ingrid A and Jon J continues:

– So one can conclude that Iraq can only operate through the use of violence, murder, war and a dictator (like many other neighboring countries).

– It is almost more scary .. But it is probably the precautions one should take before mingling.

Fences on the EU and stop immigration
– Fences around the EU external borders, stop meddling in their countries and stop immigration. So we solve our problems and to solve their own, and everyone should be happy, writes Jon, but what do you mean?

Was it better then Saddam-controlled Iraq?

Do you miss Saddam?