Eritrea declares its own version of Marshall Plan to revive its economy.

Time to roll them sleeves!!

Eritrea declares its own version of Marshall Plan to revive its economy.

Converting National Service to Full Time Government Employees?

By meskerem The Eritrean Cabinet meeting chaired by President Isaias announced ambitious plans to revive the Eritrean economy.

The Cabinet, in its short meeting on September 28, 2018, declared what looked like a Marshall Plan or a plan similar to what Europe and US implemented after WW2. Europe came out of its war economy via USs Marshall Plan.

The US had its own such plan. It had to find employment to the millions of demobilized army from WW2 and revive the economy.

The US used massive Federal funding to put to work millions of Americans who came back from the war and had to be demobilized. They worked for the Federal government by building interstate highways, bridges, parks, dams and even rehabilitation of ports. This massive initiative not only brought economic prosperity but expanded the middle class. One of Eisenhower’s enduring achievements in this aspect was championing and signing the bill that authorized the Interstate Highway System in 1956.

Eritrea is now coming out of 17 war-footing that was imposed on it on account of the evil no-war-no peace policy of the now defeated TPLF regime in Ethiopia . Now that peace has been declared between Ethiopia and Eritrea and peace has prevailed in our neighborhood, it is time to move to revive the economy and slowly move to the introduction of political democracy

The ambitious Eritreas Marshall Plan similar to other such plans targets transportation, rehabilitation of the ports, housing, water supply, energy, exploitation of mine and fishery.

It is encouraging to see time-table and information of funding for these massive projects. Since Eritrea now can only go through this one-way street and that is economic prosperity and political democracy, it is incumbent on all Eritreans to support the Eritrean people and the Eritrean government in its commendable effort to bring economic prosperity, stability and the beginning of the creation of the Eritrean middle class.



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