First hidden terrorists among the refugees. Then they attacked Paris and Brussels | Here is the story of how they took into Europe

Osama Krayem carries hell on earth in a sack on his back. He is 23 years old – born and raised in Sweden. It is just over a year ago Krayem left mom and dad, sister and brother in Malmo and enlisted as a soldier of IS in Syria, the country his parents come from.
paris attacker

For two years he has been high on the Swedish intelligence Watchlist.

Osama Krayem grew up with her mother, father and siblings in Malmo where he went to school Norra Sorgenfri.
Malmö municipality
Nevertheless, he raised here on a subway in Brussels with an explosive mixture shrouded in sharp metal pieces in His backpack. Alongside Krayem says Khalid El Bakraoui. He is wearing an identical bag.The train comes into the station PETILLON. El Bakraoui ladders board. Krayem gets left on the platform. A few minutes later, at 9:11, detonates El Bakraoui bomb and blow themselves up inside the subway carriage by station Maelbeek. 16 people die in the explosion.Many more could have been killed this Tuesday morning. Swede backpack explodes namely never. A grainy surveillance photo of Krayem is the last track police of 23-year-old. The press describes afterward him as “the mystery man” on the metro.

While Brussels reacts to attacks with shock and grief disappear Krayem out in the big city.

A continent of open borders

162 people are killed by IS terrorists in Europe since last September in two major attacks: in Paris in November and in Brussels at Easter.

Behind the attacks are a major terrorist network. History of network members, movements, and relations have emerged piecemeal in recent months. It has proven to be a solid and very well organized terrorist apparatus. The network has branches all over Europe, and appears to be controlled by IS in Syria.

This is the network of Osama Krayem was associated.
The terrorists exploited refugee chaos last fall to carry at least nine members throughout Europe.

Among the nine were key players in both the planning and implementation of the two deadly attacks. It shows a survey Aftenposten made by the network based on information from a variety of sources. During a short period the following occurs:

Least six IS fighters registering as refugees on the Greek island of Leros. This is confirmed by the Belgian, Greek and French police.
Greek police sources says to Aftenposten that also an unidentified seventh person comes along with the terrorists through the island.
Another two terrorists are picked up at the train station in Budapest, where thousands of refugees congregate after traveling through the Balkans.
The leader of the attack in Paris, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, takes care from Syria to Europe unnoticed despite the fact that he has been convicted in absentia. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen him on Leros. It is not yet confirmed if he was on Leros, but his fingerprints were partly found in an apartment in Athens earlier that year.
Four of those who come to Leros, traveling on to refugee centers respectively in Austria and Germany. The two traveling to Austria, being arrested at the reception in Salzburg.
Salah Abdeslam, who appears to be responsible for transport and logistics, running several long trips to the so-called Balkan route, where he picks up future terrorists and escorting them back to Belgium and France.

Osama Krayem is swedish national but is currently in prison in Belgium and linked to both attacks in Belgium at Easter and in France in November 2015.
A loophole of Frontex

On 20 September 2015, six months before he is pictured on the metro, the Swedish Osama Krayem registered as refugees on the tiny Greek island of Leros. He has a fake passport with the name Naim Al Hamed. Along with him traveling to another man with false passports, now known as Sofiane Ayari, and a third person, who remains unidentified.

It’s right in migrantkrisen. 5500 refugees coming to the Greek islands every day, according to the UN refugee agency. Many of them have fake documents. Thousands of frightened and frustrated refugees overwhelm the fragile Greek system.


leaflet | © OpenStreetMap © CartoDB

No one has control over the flow of people. A large amount of fake and stolen Syrian passports are in circulation. The greatest pressure is on Lesbos. But the terrorists choose to travel via the smaller island of Leros. At the EU border agency Frontex no experts on false passports.

Osama Krayem was first requested under the name Naim Al Hamed. He used a false identity with the name when he came into Europe via Leros.
– We were on Leros at that time. But we did not document experts there then. Leros was not a priority. We had to prioritize Lesbos, says information officer Ewa Moncure in Frontex.Several major international media claim that IS sent even more terrorists via Leros during this period. The Washington Post recently wrote that the organization has sent “three dozen” of its members among the refugees. The Sunday Times has reported similar figures. Le Parisien wrote in December that the French police suspect it may have come ten terrorists within just one day. The newspapers citing anonymous sources in the French investigation.The man who is appointed as chairman of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, has even said that IS sneaked in over ninety people among the refugees, according to terror expert Petter Nesser Defence Research Establishment (FFI).

– He said this to someone he talked to prior to the attacks, according to a witness. But there is speculation. Pr. Today one can only deal with the numbers being mentioned in connection with the attacks, said Nesser.

On the Keleti railway station in Budapest there was chaos in September last year.
A road trip from BudapestKeleti train station in Budapest is a kind of state of emergency in the middle of last September. Thousands of refugees living rooms together in the underground passages again. Hundreds of tents fill area. It smells tight by the crowd – many of whom have now been on the run for weeks.Aftenposten’s correspondent was at Keleti station just days before the next two terrorists were picked up here. Here you can read what the situation was there: Desperate refugees to Aftenposten: – We hate Hungary. We will only away.
Police with face mask and dogs trying to force refugees into groups so that they can be traced checked up on train platform. In this chaos sneaking two of the terrorist network’s protagonists into a parked car outside the station. The two are Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Belkaid. Behind the wheel of the car sits Salah Abdeslam – terror network’s most famous face.

Police are reluctant information about the exact route the terrorists using throughout Europe. But Attorney General Eric Van Der Sijpt in Brussels confirmed to Aftenposten that Abdeslam picks up Laachraoui and Belkaid on Keletistasjonen in Budapest on September 9.

Later that same day, the three stopped at the border with Austria, but will soon be released on. Laachraoui and Belkaid get key roles in winter terrormassakrer. An important piece of the terrorist plans of the IS fall into place.

We have him, said Belgium’s prime minister on called Salah Abdeslam 18 March. Four days ettereksploderte in Brussels.
The map below is based on information from the German newspaper Die Welt.

The network driver

Because of traffic controls and border controls are some of the journeys Abdeslam undertook in the days before the terrorist attacks documented. He traveled with different cars each time.

This time ran Abdeslam a Mercedes to Budapest. He drove through Germany and Austria at night. The car stood at Keleti railway station in Budapest in about an hour. Thousands of refugees had recently arrived via the Balkan route, waiting for the train direction Austria and Germany. On the ride back was Abdeslam stopped in traffic control in Austria. It was then another two men in the car with him. They legitimized themselves with fake Belgian papers Samir Bouzid (Mohamed Belkaid) and Soufiane Kayal (Namen Najim Laachraoui).
17. September 2015
Abdeslam go to Hungary again. He drives an Audi A6. This journey ends at jernbanestasjnen Keleti in Budapest. The car remains in Thököly Strasse in two hours. It is not known who he picked up on this trip.

IS seizes the opportunity

It is just over a month from terrorists arriving in Europe until they begin their deadly deed in Paris. By using false passports, and not their own European, avoiding those who were on surveillance lists to be caught by police radar. Refugee The chaos is a perfect cover.

– IS is nothing if not opportunistic, and this was a great opportunity. Obviously the terrorists will exploit it, says terrorism expert at Harvard University Jessica Stern, who has written a book about IS, told Aftenposten.

– They could probably managed to get to the same period of time without refugee crisis. But this was a practical possibility, and also struck IS two birds with one stone: They got a practical solution to the problem of moving terrorists into Europe, and they got the opportunity to fomenting fear and hatred of the refugees in the West.

There is evidence that these terrorists hiding among refugees:
Besides ringleader Abaaoud, associate investigation six traveling among refugees without planning, execution or coordination of the attacks in Paris and Brussels. All but two are now dead:

Mohammad al-Ahmad Mahmod and al-Mohammad comes to Leros as refugees 3 October. Both detonate suicide bombs at Stade de France on November 13. Who they really were, is still uncertain.
Najim Laachraoui being picked up at the railway in Budapest 9. september.He blow himself up at the Zaventem airport in Brussels at Easter. He creates the bombs used in Paris.
The mysterious Mohamed Belkaid being picked up in Budapest with Laachraoui 9 September. Belkaid is an IS-commander who allegedly had sms contact with the terrorists who struck in Paris, according to CNN. He is shot and killed in a police raid in Brussels on 15 March.
Sofiane Ayari, who came to Leros with Osama Krayem, arrested in Brussels on 18 March. Also he participated in the planning of the Paris attack, police believe.

The terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 demanded 130 lives. Approximately 360 were wounded. In a total of six attacks were spending six guns, and three bombs went off. Two of the suicide bombers in Paris traveled via Leros. Their real identity is still unknown.
CHRISTIAN HARTMANN, reuters / NTB scanpix
A disclosure via FacebookKrayems journey from Leros ends in Ulm, Germany. The Belgian public prosecutor confirmed to Aftenposten that the Swede, with the false identity of a 28-year-old refugee from Homs in Syria, are picked up there by terror carrier Salah Abdeslam 3 October.Krayem and his traveling companions have been on the makeshift reception center in the German city, according to the newspaper Die Welt.

Then it gets quiet about the Swede. Neither the name or his photo appears in connection with the Paris attacks in November. Still think the police now that he was and that he was in Paris. They find namely his biological traces on objects terrorists have been when they planned the massacre. Because of the false passport know however French police his real name.

When he reappears four months later in the surveillance photo from the metro station in Brussels, they call him “Naim al Hamad”. He is described as “very dangerous and armed.”

It’s Facebook that reveals him to finish. A few days after Brussels-terror contacts Krayem little brother in Sweden on the social site. The alarm goes off at the Swedish Security Service, SAPO, which has had him on surveillance list since he disappeared from his residence in the autumn of 2014, according to the newspaper Sydsvenskan. They report to the Belgian police that Naim al Hamad really is Osama Krayem from Malmo.

But the discovery comes too late. Despite the fact that Swedish police have been aware of him and he is wanted, linked now Osama Krayem to two of Europe’s deadliest terrorist attack. And although they now know the name, Krayem still at large. It will be a bright tram conductor who eventually traps Swede on a dramatic day in April.

No lone wolf

But let us turn back time a couple of years. Terror Network deadly deed in Europe has been straightforward projections of something that happened one sunny Saturday in Sablon district of Brussels in 2014.

It’s jazz festival in the historic cobblestone streets. In the cafe at Grand Sablon hear waiters Jessica and Marcia suddenly reminiscent shot over the noisy music.

– We initially thought it was fireworks or children playing with something, they tell two to Aftenposten.

But soon ambulances screaming, and Jessica and Marcia realize that this is no game. A few hundred meters away is located three people were killed outside the entrance to the Jewish Museum. A fourth dies in hospital later.

Surveillance photos show a single culprit. He caps and carrying several large bags. He loosens over 300 shots from a Kalashnikov and a handgun before he runs away.

The media refer to him as a lone wolf. The offender “acted probably on your own,” authorities said. The attack disappears quickly from the headlines. The day after the news are dominated by right wing populist election wind in European elections and a new chaotic election results in Belgium.

No one yet knows that the man with the cap connects to the network that will terrorize Europe less than two years later.

Two men, Mounir Atallah and Nacer Bendera, arrested for participation.

When Nemmouche before the attack was a prison guard in Syria, he must have known both Najim Laachroui Salim Benghalem. Two others in the network have been arrested for involvement in the attack, and telephone printouts related Nemmouche to Abaaoud.

The day after the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, met Aftenposten this Jewish family who laid flowers in memory of those killed.
The jailer is revealed

Mehdi Nemmouche
In a routine check in Marseille a few days later, the Mehdi Nemmouche arrested for the killings. He is in possession of Kalashnikov and an IS flag. Nemmouche being extradited to Belgium, but refuses to talk to the police. Pretty soon emerge, however a number of warning signs: it appears that Nemmouche probably was not alone in attack. It is also evident that he has been in Syria and fought IS. A French journalist recognizes him as the officer he had when he was a hostage in Syria.Read how Jewish children take precautions when traveling in Belgium: Hides his kippa under the cap on the way to school.
Telephone transcripts show that Nemmouche’ve talked to a man named Abdel Hamid Abaaoud in 24 minutes in January 2014. He will also have stayed in Molenbeek district of Brussels where several of the terrorists came from, according to Paris Match. But Abaaoud are not considered to be particularly important at this time, according to the Belgian crime journalist Douglas de Coninck in the newspaper De Morgen.- It would prove to be a fatal underestimation, says de Coninck told Aftenposten.

Two months after the attack on the Jewish Museum will be issued internajonal arrest warrant for Abdelhamid Abaaoud, including has kidnapped his own brother. He is everything a notorious foreign wars. Eventually he also designated as the linchpin of the terrorist network – the man who gives the orders.

Aftenposten met women who IS made into slaves: She had a child while she was a slave – now she has become free from the IS-captivity

Abdelhamid Abaaoud was called “Dad” on the network.
Code name “Dad”Abaaoud appeared first in Western media in a video of IS where he drags bloody bodies of a pickup. Smiling he says to camera: “Before the rope we on jet skis, motorbikes and quads, large trailers with gifts we would share out during vacation trip to Morocco. Now towing we infidels.”Abaaoud is central to the development of the terrorist network in Europe, according to The New York Times. He picks out European foreign fighters for terror missions and sending them off. Under the code name “Dad” he communicates with them via encrypted emails. Abaaoud planning a series of small and large terrorist attacks over a longer period than previously thought, attacks that would put European police on trial, writes New York Times.

Terror Researcher Petter Nesser believe the terrorist network has roots that go deeper than the last couple of years.

– Abaaoud network has emerged in extremist groups that have operated long in Belgium, France and other European countries with links to the UK, Turkey, Spain and Scandinavia. They constitute the new generation of jihadists. But it is recruited by older jihadists, said Nesser.

– Is it possible for the security services to keep everyone under surveillance?

– There is no doubt that European intelligence services are facing capacity challenges of a different dimension than before, he says, pointing to the large number of foreign fighters who have traveled, on the refugee crisis occurring simultaneously and that IS have enormous resources.

Although Abaaoud is central and should be tied closely linked to the IS management in Syria, he is far from the top boss. Terror Network is coordinated from Syria, says IS expert Jessica Stern.

– The European network clearly shows that IS has moved to a new stage, from inspiring jihadists to be directly involved in planning and execution. It is probably Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani, the powerful communications manager of IS, who has top management, says Stern.

The terrorists who attacked the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo was also linked to the same network.
REUTERS TV / Reuters
The network would later attack Paris again were not unraveled by Charlie Hebdo. These contributed:Wirepuller dodged
In January 2015 goes Islamic terroristertil attack on editorial in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. A rs place in Paris attacking a man a Jewish supermarket. Just days later, turn the police against a home in the small town of Verviers west of Belgium. Two men, suspected of wanting to carry out terrorist attacks against police officers in Belgium, are killed. Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who police believed was in Syria, barely manages to escape.In April 2015 it happens again. A heavily armed man attacks outside a church in the French city of Villejuif. A woman is killed. In retrospect, it turns out once again that the man behind the attack has been foreign wars for IS. Once again it appears that he has not acted alone. And once again it turns out that he has had contact with Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

Summer 2015 Abaaoud sentenced in absentia to 20 years in prison for having organized terror. He is at the time back in Syria.

How IS stopped by military force? These are the military options in the fight against IS ‘reign of terror
Sneaked into Europe

In August, while the influx of refugees is rising between Turkey and Greece, making a terrorist an unsuccessful attack on the fast train between Brussels and Paris a late Friday night. He is overpowered by three American soldiers on leave and a Briton. The perpetrator, Ayoub El-Khazzani, has fought for IS in Syria. Before the attack, El-Khazzani had mobile contact Abaaoud.

Despite all this fails terrorist commander codenamed “Dad” to sneak back to France sometime early last fall. On the evening of 13th November 2015 stands Abaaoud outside Bataclanteateret in Paris. He speaks angrily in his cell phone, according to witnesses. Inside the concert hall, three men armed with bombs and automatic weapons. They receive instructions via mobile phone from Abaooud. In the carnage that ensues is 90 people killed.

Abaaoud manages once again to escape. He killed a few days later in a police raid. Over 5,000 shots loosened in the firefight. The battle is so fierce that the floor of the apartment where Abaaoud hiding collapses.

These terrorists were taken into police actions after Paris attack. Police took action in France and Belgium.

The French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed after the attacks that Abaooud has crept back to Europe via Greece. The French prosecutors told Aftenposten that they will not comment on this information now.

This man helps foreign fighters into Syria and Iraq: This is the concierge to IS.

Salah Abdeslam, who along with Abaaoud was central to the network were arrested six days before Osama Krayem participated in attacks in Brussels.
Historically large networkBelgian and French police are working feverishly to roll up terror network. Several are still at large – nobody knows how many. It is an enormous challenge, says FFI researcher Petter Nesser.- The differences from previous network is scale – because we now have a number of foreign fighters in Syria that exceeds anything we have seen in a historical perspective. This represents a capacity that is formidable, he said.

It is estimated to be around 5,000 foreign fighters who have benefited from Europe to fight in Syria. The Belgian terrorism expert Pieter Van Ostaeyen has followed the evolution of the terrorist network in Belgium over several years. He does not think we’ve seen the last of their activities.

– I think there are still activities in the network around Abaaoud although Abdelhamid Abaaoud itself is dead, says Ostaeyen Aftenposten.

The Belgian detective journalist Douglas de Coninck do not think we’ve seen the last of the network.

Najim Laachraaoui (t.v) before he bursts into the air at Zaventem airport. The year before, he was a prison guard in Syria.
– It’s like a puzzle where we never get the whole picture. After the terrorist attacks is believed that one has taken the culprit. But it mobilizes rather to new attacks.These were behind the attack on Brussels. Then many already arrested or dead.Exposed by tram conductor

“We need at least three sacks to attack.”

It is this sentence that eventually will trap Swedish Osama Krayem. After the violent attacks at Easter, remember a tram conductor in Brussels that he heard a passenger say these words. He contacts the police, who provide surveillance video from the tram, according to the newspaper Le Parisien.

Using sophisticated tracking methods fail police to identify the man who bought luggage terrorists used their bombs. It proves to be Krayem. The police can now track him down. On April 8, he is overpowered by the police on the street in the district of Laeken in Brussels. Surveillance photos show that they put the Swede in the ground before they take him.

During the interrogation he admitted that he would blow up in the air on the metro.

– I knew exactly what I did, but I changed my mind at the last second, said Krayem, according to the newspaper De Standaard.

He has said he wants to atone in Sweden. The backpack that Krayem bar, has never been recovered.

Network have terrorized Europe

They began as petty criminals, but were part of a network that has turned to Europe several times. Here are some of the most central in the network that is being rolled up. Sources: Le Figaro, Le Monde, The Guardian, Reuters, De Morgen, La Libre ..

Abdelhamid AbaaoudEstimated leadership and coordinator of attacks in Paris on November 13.

Mohamed BelkaidLived in Sweden for several years

Ibrahim El Bakraoui
Suicide bombings at airport

Mehdi NemmoucheJewish Museum

Samy AmimourParticipated in attacks in Paris


Omar Ismail Mostefai

participated in attacks in Paris

Mohammad al MahmoudParticipated in attacks in Paris

Reda Hame

Were sent to carry out terrorist attacks, but were betrayed and arrested

Said Kouachi

participated in attacks against the magazine Charlie Hebdo

Khalid Ben Larbi
Planned terrorist attacks in Belgium, taken in the raid in Verviers


Wanted by the police, suspected to have belonged Verviers ce

Adel Haddadi
Signing up as a refugee in Leros, was arrested later at asylum centers in Salzburg, Austria

Najim LaachraouiFrom IS-jailer to suicide bomber

Mohamed Abrini”The man with the hat” at Zaventem airport

Khalid El Bakraoui
Subway bomber

Brahim AbdeslamBlew up outside a restaurant

Reda KrikShould have planned another attack in France

Foued Mohamed-AggadaParticipated in attacks in Paris

Sid Ahmed Ghlam

Attacks Church in April 2015

Anis Bahri

Arrested in late March. Suspected of planning new attacks with Reda nooks.

Cherif Kouachi

participated in attacks against the magazine Charlie Hebdo

Soufiane Amghar
Planned terrorist attacks in Belgium, taken in the raid in Verviers

Mounir Atallah

Suspected of complicity in the attack on the Jewish Museum.

Mohamed Usman
Signing up as a refugee in Leros, was arrested later at asylum centers in Salzburg, Austria

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